Fish sandwich, Karaköy, foot of Galata Bridge

In Istanbul food is everywhere. At every corner a street vendor offers you something delicious. Crowded markets present a feast for the senses, with fresh local and seasonal produce. Restaurants prepare numerous fish and seafood dishes, whose scent travels across long distances and entices you to take a seat.

And of course, with so much variety of ingredients and tastes, food is well appreciated in Istanbul. Everyone savours it and likes to sit down for lunch or dinner. As one article claimed: “With very discerning stomachs, Turkish people have been foodies before the term existed, ‘locavores’ without even trying. Everyone in Istanbul has opinions on ‘the best’ döner, pilav, kuru fasülye, dolma, and so on.” 

So, without further ado, here are 10 pictures to prove the above point!

Want fresh fruit? Look no further – it’s everywhere. No need to find a supermarket.

First cherries of the season are always a joy. Crunchy, colorful and delicious.

So are artichokes. At this time of the year you can find them everywhere. Oftentimes they are sold ready to be cooked.

A spring salad to satisfy even the most picky among the foodies. Asparagus, strawberries, chickpeas, walnuts, herbs and more.

On to cooked food! Yoghurt is a common and great addition to all sorts of cooked veggies.

Beautifully served food is twice as tasty!

Seafood markets abound, selling a great variety of fresh fish.

Pita makers are one of the ‘landmarks’ of Istanbul’s food scene. Pita is also one the most common foods to go along with cooked dishes.

Mezes, tasty hot or cold appetizers, are a must try with something for everyone.

And if you hunger for desserts, Turkey can offer you plenty in terms of sweet pastries such as baklava.

And if local food and does not satisfy you (is that even possible!?), a rich variety of food from other parts of Turkey, such as Anatolia, is often offered as well.

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