Istanbul Cat 3

Cats in Istanbul… they’re everywhere. And without them Istanbul just wouldn’t be Istanbul. To a newcomer the amount of cats and the freedom they enjoy may be strange, but it soon becomes obvious how inseparable felines are from this grand city. They inhabit the city with a sense of entitlement, they sneak and peek around, take a nap whenever and wherever they want and go about their business with a cool and relaxed demeanour.

In Istanbul cats don’t simply survive, they are well taken care of and one secretly suspects them ruling the city and probably the country… until you join the ranks of those enchanted by them. So numerous are they, that even as you glide along the strait during your private Bosphorus cruise, you can spot them everywhere on the shore.

Have a look at these cool cats and let us know which one is your favorite! 

#1. You’re interrupting. This better be good.

#2. Good morning. So, where’s the food, you said?

#3. Ah, there it is. So, the sausage is for me, I hope we’re clear on this.

#4. I shall ponder these questions deeply but first – a nap!

#5. Just walking around on the roof, minding my own business…

#6. Sudden, public nap attack! 

#7. This is not funny! Must. Eat. Now.

#8. Gorgeous, aren’t I? You are free to marvel at me for as long as you wish.

#9. So how is my kingdom doing today? Hey, you, come here and pet me!

#10. A photograph without a cat in it is hardly a photograph at all!

#11. Istanbul’s cats are famed for their erudition, gained after countless strenuous hours of deep napping.

#12. A local sphinx posing in front of a music shop. Their taste for music is exceptional! 

#13. Not to speak of art! And true art always features cats. The rest doesn’t really count for much.

#14. We are currently not interested in you. Unless you have a snack. Or want to pet us. Preferably both!

#15. The not-so-well-known but actually main protagonist of ‘The Old Man and the Sea’: a hungry cat. One does not leave a cat hungry.

#16. The unfortunate event of having cats in a picture that features a central cultural landmark. Nobody will notice the landmark.

#17. Roses are red, violets are blue, this cat is awesome and marvel should you!

#18. Gli, the Hagia Sophia Housecat, focusing hard on his meditation, which is about picking the next best spot to nap or attract the attention of tourists.

#19. The sun rises, the sun sets. Meanwhile, our hero is lost in contemplation where his stroll should take him tomorrow. 

#20. If a cat has slept or sat on a piece of art it costs at least double! 

#21. Yes, in Istanbul cats are allowed everywhere… not that they ask for permission.

So, which one is your favorite? Do you have any cool shots of cats from your own trip to Istanbul that you’d like to share? Drop us a comment or link, we’d be happy to hear from you.

And if you like your cats photographed professionally, here’s a useful resource about the types of lenses you should take along on your Istanbul trip!

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