Istanbul's stunning views

Istanbul’s stunning views

A city of beauty and mystery, the point where the East meets the West, Istanbul has a natural attractive force for travelers and explorers from all over the world. One of its main enticing gems is the Bosphorus, the water canal that separates Europe from Asia and marks the city’s geography. And what better to put in your Istanbul mind map than a lovely Bosphorus cruise?

Combining a sightseeing tour and a calming water experience, yachting on the Bosphorus is the ultimate relaxation option. If you are looking for a yachting experience to remember, away from the big tourist groups and the hassle, then a Bosphorus cruise is the answer. 

But how do you make the right choice for a completely satisfying yacht trip? Many cruise offers will not give you enough information about their trips. That’s why you need to ask the right questions in order to make sure you will get precisely what you want from your Bosphorus cruise.

Get details about the boat

The pleasure of sailing begins with selecting the right boat. The first decision you need to make is between a boat and a yacht cruise. For an exquisite experience, naturally, yachts offer more in terms of luxury and elegance and are a top-notch choice.

Choosing the right boat for your Bosphorus cruise is important

Choosing the right boat for your Bosphorus cruise is important

If you have settled on a yacht cruise, the next step is to see what kind of yacht will match your desires. You have to determine details such as the yacht size and its passenger capacity. Naturally, smaller yachts offer a more personalized experience, less hassle and more enjoyment.

It’s a good idea to get details on the amenities available on board and the number and training of staff as well. Then you will have a clear picture about what to expect from the yacht and the cruise itself.

Handcraft your cruise options

After you have settled on the right yacht for you, you need to see if the cruise plan itself will be the perfect one. Here the first point is to think about the kind of cruise you’d like. The choices are many: from sightseeing, lunch and dinner cruises within Istanbul to trips in the Black Sea or to nearby islands such as the Princes’ Islands.

Princes' Islands near Istanbul

Princes’ Islands near Istanbul

Next, determine whether you want the yacht exclusively booked for you or is shared with other passengers. If you book it exclusively, then you should expect it is completely at your disposal.

However, if it is shared with more travelers, check the number of passengers that have signed up for the trip. This also has to do with whether or not the yacht will leave on time or it will wait for the whole group to gather. Knowing the details in advance, you can avoid disappointment on the spot.

Another important detail to consider in your choice is what precisely the cruise price includes. The best option is the one that offers a menu with fresh and seasonal products, the most useful amenities and interesting attractions during the cruise, of course. Make sure that the price corresponds to the number of extras included.

Make your special occasion exquisite

Are you planning a special occasion for your Bosphorus cruise? Whether it’s a marriage proposal, anniversary, birthday, Bachelor party or a corporate event, a cruise in Istanbul can be the perfect way to celebrate. To realize your dream party, you will have to arrange the event in advance, checking whether your cruise will offer all options needed.

Look for offers with great customizable products such as special menus and space and amenities for parties. A special package for a celebration should certainly include drinks, snacks, cakes and flowers. For marriage proposals, don’t forget the champagne!

If you would like your special occasion to happen at a specific spot, you can also arrange that. There are numerous romantic places along the Bosphorus for the perfect marriage proposal, as well as simply stunning views for other celebrations.

Enjoy your Bosphorus cruise

For an exquisite cruise experience to remember, all you need to do in advance is… ask the right questions. That’s how you can make sure that the yacht cruise you choose is the one for you.

What else? Explore the mysteries of the Bosphorus and enjoy your cruise.


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