Istanbul-Galata Bridge

Our latest blog post ‘Istanbul Through the Eyes of Famous Writers‘ has been published on

As every great city, Istanbul and its landmarks have often inspired writers, poets, travelers and others to write about it, to praise or lament it, to reveal its mysteries or to chronic its events. Plenty of reads have been set in Istanbul, with Orhan Pamuk being the most famous modern author known to the English reading audience. 

And to some of us, these books have served as an inspiration to travel to Istanbul, to live there, to explore and to try to see it through the eyes of these famous writers. Or to visit the landmarks they mention, because they’ve described it so vividly that we cannot but visit.

Read the whole article at TravelBlog to find out about 5 great reads that are set in Istanbul and take some of these along next time you’re in town. They’re a perfect pastime as you relax in your chaise longue during a Bosphorus cruise.

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