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As an incentive travel planner, you are probably in constant search of the right mix of activities and experiences to include in the incentive trips that you offer. A well balanced and successful event is made up of a number of parts: choosing the right accommodation, picking exciting and varied activities, but also making room for rest and relaxation.

Luckily, Istanbul offers great options in all of these: there are plenty of good and high-quality hotels, endless opportunities for culturally significant activities, as well as for shopping and recreation. If you’re planning an Istanbul incentive for your clients, you should also consider including a private Bosphorus dinner cruise.

Why include a Bosphorus dinner cruise in your Istanbul incentive?

Bosphorus dinner cruise

A good incentive trip, especially if awarded for achievements and performance, requires something more than what is widely available. It must offer experiences that one would usually not have if one were a tourist visiting Istanbul for a few days on an excursion. Since incentive travel is such a high form of recognition it must live up to its name.

While the Bosphorus is constantly crossed by numerous public ferries and ships, none of these can be compared to a private cruise with all of its comfort, amenities and entertainment. Therefore, offering a Bosphorus dinner cruise to the recipients of the Istanbul incentive trip is an experience which they are likely to have only this one time. As such, it will undoubtedly stand out among everything else and can serve as the pinnacle of the trip.

What a Bosphorus dinner cruise offers

  • The Yachts

Depending on the group you are planning the incentive trip for, you can make use of yachts of different sizes. Our own Zoe Yacht can accommodate groups of up to 6 people. If the group is expected to be bigger, we can provide a variety of other yachts which can accommodate up to 300 people.

Bosphorus dinner cruise Zoe Yacht

Zoe Yacht is ideal for incentive trips, which are awarded to individuals or small groups, such as a company’s top management team. A cruise with this yacht has a more private atmosphere, offers comfortable indoor lounge-seating as well as the possibility for al-fresco dining. Furthermore, the flybridge offers a 360 degree view from the yacht.

A cruise on one of the larger luxury yachts, on the other hand, is well-suited to accommodate bigger teams, host team buildings, conference events, cocktails and dinners. It is a great way to promote greater communication and employee bonding within an organization, highlight particular individuals or team accomplishments. Larger yachts also allow for different forms of entertainment or to host team building activities.

  • Entertainment and Food

Bosphorus dinner cruise

Apart from the entertainment that you may have planned for the group during the dinner cruise, we can also offer you a number of custom options. These include, among others, a live jazz band act or an exotic bellydancer performance (for 100-300 guest events on larger yacht charters).

It is also worth noting that a Bosphorus dinner cruise will take guests along the Bosphorus shore which, at night, is illuminated, highlighting the many historically, architecturally and culturally significant buildings. The Bosphorus shore is known for its many beautiful sights which receive an entirely different appearance at night.

All food on our yachts is local and freshly cooked. We partner with Arşipel and Marina Balık Restaurant, two of Istanbul’s best seafood places, that offers a great variety of Turkish cuisine, mezes (cold appetizers) as well as many seafood and fish specialties. While there are three standard menus to pick from, an incentive Bosphorus dinner cruise allows for full customization of all meals and drinks.

Designing the right Bosphorus cruise

If you think a Bosphorus cruise is the right thing to include in your Istanbul incentive, we can help you plan it and accommodate all your needs and preferences. Over the years we have provided numerous cruises for well-known international brands. The positive feedback we have received has clearly shown us that a Bosphorus cruise is a great and worthwhile addition to every Istanbul incentive trip.

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