Blogging from our boat on the Bosphorus, get a local insider view on Istanbul, how to enjoy its waterways and monuments! You’ll find interesting travel tips, suggestions, news and photos, from our unique boaty perspective on the water:


7 Top Bosphorus Waterside Hotels

  A stay in Istanbul has a peculiar quality. Slowly and unnoticeably the city’s spirit and charm sneaks into every corner and nook of your mind. And while that can be said of every city, waking up in Istanbul has its own feel, its own ‘signature’. How come? Something in the air, I guess, that

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The Bosphorus: A Strait of Many Tales

Ever since Io, Zeus’s lover, swam across the Bosphorus, there’s been a lot of back and forth going on. As many as 15,000 ferries carry up to 1,5 million people across the Bosphorus on a daily basis. And about 180,000 vehicles pass over the Bosphorus bridges during that same day. Imagine! And only a few

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