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Our most recent guest post, published on, explores in depth some of the gorgeous attractions you’ll see on one of our Bosphorus cruises.

As you float down the Bosphorus Strait, the beauty of your surroundings is evident. From modern bridges to ancient fortresses, grand palaces to humble fisherman, every facet of Istanbul can be glimpsed from your cruise along the Bosphorus. But what about the fascinating stories beyond these lovely views?

Take a look at our piece for Justluxe to read more about the rich and complicated history of Istanbul, all from the point of view of a spectacular Bosphorus cruise. We cover some of the strait’s most iconic attractions, from the contemporary Bosphorus Bridge, to the centuries old Anadolu Fortress.

Still curious about all there is to see on one of our cruises? Contact us to find out more about taking your own cruise on our yacht.


Rumeli Fortress - Istanbul

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