Bosphorus Cruise Special Occasion

Special occasions call for something more than a regular day’s menu or setting. They call for something exceptional and memorable that will have you looking back on the occasion for years to come.

While spontaneous marriage proposals under the pouring rain or whilst stuck in traffic have their charm, imagine how nice it would be to have the chance to propose to that special someone in a special way. Or what about your birthday? Do you have an anniversary coming up? How about celebrating it on a Bosphorus cruise with your family and closest friends?

Here are the top 5 special occasions that deserve to be celebrated on a Bosphorus cruise. 

A romantic marriage proposal on the Bosphorus

marriage proposal Bosphorus cruise

Istanbul is a place for lovers. It has even been called ‘The City of Desire‘ due to its mystique, its temper and even its climate. Or take Turkish poetry, which (much like Persian poetry) often revolves around the theme of love – sometimes mutual, at other times hopeless, but always passionate.

The Bosphorus, as waterways usually are, is considered one of the most romantic places in Istanbul. Lovers like to take walks along certain parts of it and gaze together over the water. Many proposals were made right there, on the shore.

But how about making your proposal on the Bosphorus, during a Sunset or Dinner cruise? During a cruise you will have the ideal setting to spend quality time with your lover – a relaxing, secluded and romantic atmosphere. You will receive personalised service and will be provided with all the privacy you need in order to make that important step.

A Bosphorus bachelorette / bachelor party

Bosphorus cruise bachelorette / bachelor party

If you’ve already proposed to that special someone and are having some time off with your buddies or girls, consider having your bachelor or bachelorette party on the Bosphorus. It will certainly stand out from any such party you are likely to ever attend.

Furthermore, as is the custom, plenty of drinks will be available, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Alcoholic drinks feature locally produced Turkish beers and wines. Spend as many hours as you’d like out on the water as you celebrate your or a friend’s decision to enter into wedlock.

Celebrate your wedding anniversary

Bosphorus cruise wedding anniversary

Or, perhaps, you are already happily married and would like to celebrate your wedding anniversary in a way that demonstrates your appreciation and love for each other?

Zoe Yacht is ideal for the occasion, as it is suited for groups of up to 12 persons, meaning that you can celebrate your anniversary alone or with your family and close friends. For your wedding anniversary cruise, we can devise a menu to fit the occasion – for example, one that includes an anniversary cake, sparkling wine or something else.

And, naturally, as you are dining alfresco, your table will be decorated with fresh, fragrant flowers, making your experience even more enjoyable.

A floating birthday party

fine dining istanbul bosphorus celebrating

Ever been on a birthday party on board a yacht? This is your chance! Organize a birthday party cruise for yourself, a friend or your child, and let us take care of your comfort. Here, too, you can make use of our optional extra enhancements, and be served a variety of local drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, as well as local snacks and mezes (all available in the online booking system as Optional Extras).

We can also offer you Turkish sparkling wine if you’d like to propose a toast or express your thankfulness and appreciation for your guests. And what is a birthday party without a birthday cake? By advance request or by selected it during online booking, we can make sure to provide you with a birthday cake to satisfy everyone’s taste and preferences.

Holiday cruises – the ultimate experience

New Years Eve Istanbul Bosphorus cruise

Planning on spending time in Istanbul around big holidays such as New Year’s or Christmas? Book a cruise early, because they are highly popular – and for good reason. Witnessing the transition into the New Year, as you drift along the waters of the Bosphorus is quite a spectacle.

Imagine all the fireworks reflected on the surface of the Bosphorus! And you will have the chance to see more than most people, with the wide vista that the Bosphorus offers.

Or you could book the yacht for a cruise on New Year’s Day when even the city of Istanbul is quiet and sleepy and the surface of the Bosphorus is disturbed only by a handful of boats.

Want to find out more?

There’s plenty of good occasions to celebrate on the Bosphorus and if you have something else in mind, we can surely accommodate it. Email us at if you have any further questions or would like to inquire about availability. We’d be happy to have you on board!

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