Spectacular Sightseeing: Zoe Yacht on Justluxe.com

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Rumeli Fortress - Istanbul

Our most recent guest post, published on Justluxe.com, explores in depth some of the gorgeous attractions you’ll see on one of our Bosphorus cruises.

As you float down the Bosphorus Strait, the beauty of your surroundings is evident. From modern bridges to ancient fortresses, grand palaces to humble fisherman, every facet of Istanbul can be glimpsed from your cruise along the Bosphorus. But what about the fascinating stories beyond these lovely views?

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Where to Dine During Your Istanbul Incentive

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Dinner at Beyti, near Ataturk airport, in Bakırköy, Istanbul

There are a few main components to a good incentive trip: accommodation and venues for meetings, entertainment, shared experiences and – dining! An incentive trip that doesn’t please the palate is a partial experience. After all, a great deal of a culture is revealed through its eating customs, its meals, how food is prepared and what spices are used.

Besides, food and beverage will probably be the second largest part of your incentive trip’s budget. A good Istanbul incentive must necessarily include a variety of dining experiences that highlight Turkish cuisine and reveal its great palette of tastes, scents and colors. Here are some restaurants you should consider when organizing your next Istanbul incentive and a few tips to keep in mind.  Read More

Istanbul Through the Eyes of Famous Writers | Zoe Yacht on TravelBlog

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Istanbul-Galata Bridge

Our latest blog post ‘Istanbul Through the Eyes of Famous Writers‘ has been published on TravelBlog.org.

As every great city, Istanbul and its landmarks have often inspired writers, poets, travelers and others to write about it, to praise or lament it, to reveal its mysteries or to chronic its events. Plenty of reads have been set in Istanbul, with Orhan Pamuk being the most famous modern author known to the English reading audience.  Read More

21 Instagram Cat Pictures That Will Make You Pack and Leave for Istanbul Today

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Istanbul Cat 3

Cats in Istanbul… they’re everywhere. And without them Istanbul just wouldn’t be Istanbul. To a newcomer the amount of cats and the freedom they enjoy may be strange, but it soon becomes obvious how inseparable felines are from this grand city. They inhabit the city with a sense of entitlement, they sneak and peek around, take a nap whenever and wherever they want and go about their business with a cool and relaxed demeanour.

In Istanbul cats don’t simply survive, they are well taken care of and one secretly suspects them ruling the city and probably the country… until you join the ranks of those enchanted by them. So numerous are they, that even as you glide along the strait during your private Bosphorus cruise, you can spot them everywhere on the shore.

Have a look at these cool cats and let us know which one is your favorite!  Read More

3 Types of Camera Lenses you Need on Your Next Trip to Istanbul

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Aya Sofia, Istanbul

If you’re into photography more than the regular tourist with their tiny digital camera, you probably plan well before you travel. Knowing which lenses to take with you, depending on what awaits you at your destination, is an important choice, given luggage limitations. After all, even the most committed among photographers need to have a few clothes to change.

When it comes to Istanbul, you need to consider three types of lenses, some of which classic and common, others somewhat exceptional. Three lenses for three types of photos that you’ll be making: on the streets, the markets, in the mosques or on a Bosphorus cruise. So here they are:  Read More

Istanbul’s Food in 10 Photographs

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Fish sandwich, Karaköy, foot of Galata Bridge

In Istanbul food is everywhere. At every corner a street vendor offers you something delicious. Crowded markets present a feast for the senses, with fresh local and seasonal produce. Restaurants prepare numerous fish and seafood dishes, whose scent travels across long distances and entices you to take a seat.

And of course, with so much variety of ingredients and tastes, food is well appreciated in Istanbul. Everyone savours it and likes to sit down for lunch or dinner. As one article claimed: “With very discerning stomachs, Turkish people have been foodies before the term existed, ‘locavores’ without even trying. Everyone in Istanbul has opinions on ‘the best’ döner, pilav, kuru fasülye, dolma, and so on.”  Read More

5 reasons to choose Zoe Yacht for your Istanbul incentive Bosphorus cruise

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Istanbul incentive Bosphorus cruise

A cruise on the Bosphorus is a great addition to an Istanbul incentive. Read on to see why Zoe Yacht is the right choice of yacht operator.

You’ve planned an Istanbul incentive and you’re considering including a Bosphorus cruise in the package. But of course you want to be assured of the quality and professionalism of the company you’ll be working with.

And quality can be measured in very concrete terms: the quality of the various services being offered, the company’s flexibility in terms of accommodating your unique needs, its legal status and certification, and its former clients.

Zoe Yacht can cover all of these. Here are 5 things that make Zoe Yacht your go-to company for a Bosphorus cruise as part of your Istanbul incentive.  Read More

Top 5 special occasions to celebrate on a Bosphorus cruise

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Bosphorus Cruise Special Occasion

Special occasions call for something more than a regular day’s menu or setting. They call for something exceptional and memorable that will have you looking back on the occasion for years to come.

While spontaneous marriage proposals under the pouring rain or whilst stuck in traffic have their charm, imagine how nice it would be to have the chance to propose to that special someone in a special way. Or what about your birthday? Do you have an anniversary coming up? How about celebrating it on a Bosphorus cruise with your family and closest friends?

Here are the top 5 special occasions that deserve to be celebrated on a Bosphorus cruise.  Read More

Organizing an Istanbul incentive? Here’s why you should include a Bosphorus dinner cruise.

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Bosphorus cruise Maiden's tower

As an incentive travel planner, you are probably in constant search of the right mix of activities and experiences to include in the incentive trips that you offer. A well balanced and successful event is made up of a number of parts: choosing the right accommodation, picking exciting and varied activities, but also making room for rest and relaxation.

Luckily, Istanbul offers great options in all of these: there are plenty of good and high-quality hotels, endless opportunities for culturally significant activities, as well as for shopping and recreation. If you’re planning an Istanbul incentive for your clients, you should also consider including a private Bosphorus dinner cruise.

Why include a Bosphorus dinner cruise in your Istanbul incentive?

Bosphorus dinner cruise

A good incentive trip, especially if awarded for achievements and performance, requires something more than what is widely available. It must offer experiences that one would usually not have if one were a tourist visiting Istanbul for a few days on an excursion. Since incentive travel is such a high form of recognition it must live up to its name.

While the Bosphorus is constantly crossed by numerous public ferries and ships, none of these can be compared to a private cruise with all of its comfort, amenities and entertainment. Therefore, offering a Bosphorus dinner cruise to the recipients of the Istanbul incentive trip is an experience which they are likely to have only this one time. As such, it will undoubtedly stand out among everything else and can serve as the pinnacle of the trip.

What a Bosphorus dinner cruise offers

  • The Yachts

Depending on the group you are planning the incentive trip for, you can make use of yachts of different sizes. Our own Zoe Yacht can accommodate groups of up to 12 people. If the group is expected to be bigger, we can provide a variety of other yachts which can accommodate up to 300 people.

Bosphorus dinner cruise Zoe Yacht

Zoe Yacht is ideal for incentive trips, which are awarded to individuals or small groups, such as a company’s top management team. A cruise with this yacht has a more private atmosphere, offers comfortable indoor lounge-seating as well as the possibility for al-fresco dining. Furthermore, the flybridge offers a 360 degree view from the yacht.

A cruise on one of the larger luxury yachts, on the other hand, is well-suited to accommodate bigger teams, host team buildings, conference events, cocktails and dinners. It is a great way to promote greater communication and employee bonding within an organization, highlight particular individuals or team accomplishments. Larger yachts also allow for different forms of entertainment or to host team building activities.

  • Entertainment and Food

Bosphorus dinner cruise

Apart from the entertainment that you may have planned for the group during the dinner cruise, we can also offer you a number of custom options. These include, among others, a live jazz band act or an exotic bellydancer performance.

It is also worth noting that a Bosphorus dinner cruise will take guests along the Bosphorus shore which, at night, is illuminated, highlighting the many historically, architecturally and culturally significant buildings. The Bosphorus shore is known for its many beautiful sights which receive an entirely different appearance at night.

All food on our yachts is local and freshly cooked. We partner with Arşipel Restaurant, one of Istanbul’s best seafood places, that offers a great variety of Turkish cuisine, mezes (cold appetizers) as well as many seafood and fish specialties. While there are three standard menus to pick from, an incentive Bosphorus dinner cruise allows for full customization of all meals and drinks.

Designing the right Bosphorus cruise

If you think a Bosphorus cruise is the right thing to include in your Istanbul incentive, we can help you plan it and accommodate all your needs and preferences. Over the years we have provided numerous cruises for well-known international brands. The positive feedback we have received has clearly shown us that a Bosphorus cruise is a great and worthwhile addition to every Istanbul incentive trip.

If you would like to find out more about our cruises, receive a custom quote or inquire about dates, email us at: [email protected]

Going on a Bosphorus Dinner Cruise? Look Out for These Famous Landmarks!

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So you’ve come to Istanbul and you love it. You’ve been around the city, you’ve seen the museums, the galleries, the palaces and the mosques. You’ve been to the marketplaces, you’ve enjoyed a walk through the busy streets and have had a meal at one of the seafood restaurants along the Bosphorus.

What more is there? In Istanbul there’s always more to be seen and done! How about a Bosphorus Dinner Cruise, for example? A night cruise on the Bosphorus will reveal Istanbul to you in a way you could not have imagined. And all the while, you will be dining on delicious food and tasting the finest of wines.  Read More