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Zoe Yacht: Nominated for The Luxury Travel Guide Awards 2017

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We are happy to announce that Zoe Yacht Cruises has been shortlisted as a nominee for The Luxury Travel Guide Awards 2017! It’s nice to know that our efforts to provide a relaxing, unique and exclusive experience on the Bosphorus for our guests has been recognized. What is The Luxury Travel Awards Programme? The Luxury

Public Transportation in Istanbul

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Guide to Transportation and Getting Around inside Istanbul Public transport in Istanbul has been revolutionized in the last decade with new networks and extensions from Metro to Tram, making the city easier than ever to get around. For visitors trying to explore the most famous sights of Istanbul, you’ll mostly be using the public transport

Environmental Protection & Stewardship of the Black Sea

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The Plight Of The Black Sea Against Pollution Water pollution is threatening the marine equilibrium of the Black Sea, so much so that the very existence of marine life itself is under threat for survival. In this article, we’ll examine the effects of pollution in the Black Sea including examples relating to the Turkish Black

How to Find the Best Accommodation in Istanbul for Travelers

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A Practical Guide to Unique Properties, Considerations and Advice The best accommodations are often those that offer something unique, desirable and memorable about your stay there, yet offer a convenient location and fulfill your practical needs. For Istanbul, this equates to those that will reflect an authentic experience of its history and character, an intriguing

Spectacular Sightseeing: Zoe Yacht on

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Our most recent guest post, published on, explores in depth some of the gorgeous attractions you’ll see on one of our Bosphorus cruises. As you float down the Bosphorus Strait, the beauty of your surroundings is evident. From modern bridges to ancient fortresses, grand palaces to humble fisherman, every facet of Istanbul can be glimpsed

Where to Dine During Your Istanbul Incentive

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There are a few main components to a good incentive trip: accommodation and venues for meetings, entertainment, shared experiences and – dining! An incentive trip that doesn’t please the palate is a partial experience. After all, a great deal of a culture is revealed through its eating customs, its meals, how food is prepared and

Istanbul Through the Eyes of Famous Writers | Zoe Yacht on TravelBlog

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Our latest blog post ‘Istanbul Through the Eyes of Famous Writers‘ has been published on As every great city, Istanbul and its landmarks have often inspired writers, poets, travelers and others to write about it, to praise or lament it, to reveal its mysteries or to chronic its events. Plenty of reads have been set

21 Instagram Cat Pictures That Will Make You Pack and Leave for Istanbul Today

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Cats in Istanbul… they’re everywhere. And without them Istanbul just wouldn’t be Istanbul. To a newcomer the amount of cats and the freedom they enjoy may be strange, but it soon becomes obvious how inseparable felines are from this grand city. They inhabit the city with a sense of entitlement, they sneak and peek around, take a

3 Types of Camera Lenses you Need on Your Next Trip to Istanbul

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If you’re into photography more than the regular tourist with their tiny digital camera, you probably plan well before you travel. Knowing which lenses to take with you, depending on what awaits you at your destination, is an important choice, given luggage limitations. After all, even the most committed among photographers need to have a

Istanbul’s Food in 10 Photographs

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In Istanbul food is everywhere. At every corner a street vendor offers you something delicious. Crowded markets present a feast for the senses, with fresh local and seasonal produce. Restaurants prepare numerous fish and seafood dishes, whose scent travels across long distances and entices you to take a seat. And of course, with so much

5 reasons to choose Zoe Yacht for your Istanbul incentive Bosphorus cruise

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You’ve planned an Istanbul incentive and you’re considering including a Bosphorus cruise in the package. But of course you want to be assured of the quality and professionalism of the company you’ll be working with. And quality can be measured in very concrete terms: the quality of the various services being offered, the company’s flexibility

Top 5 special occasions to celebrate on a Bosphorus cruise

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Special occasions call for something more than a regular day’s menu or setting. They call for something exceptional and memorable that will have you looking back on the occasion for years to come. While spontaneous marriage proposals under the pouring rain or whilst stuck in traffic have their charm, imagine how nice it would be

Organizing an Istanbul incentive? Here’s why you should include a Bosphorus dinner cruise.

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As an incentive travel planner, you are probably in constant search of the right mix of activities and experiences to include in the incentive trips that you offer. A well balanced and successful event is made up of a number of parts: choosing the right accommodation, picking exciting and varied activities, but also making room

Going on a Bosphorus Dinner Cruise? Look Out for These Famous Landmarks!

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So you’ve come to Istanbul and you love it. You’ve been around the city, you’ve seen the museums, the galleries, the palaces and the mosques. You’ve been to the marketplaces, you’ve enjoyed a walk through the busy streets and have had a meal at one of the seafood restaurants along the Bosphorus. What more is

Istanbul Covered in Tulips: How Instagram Saw It

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April is a special month in Istanbul, as we already told you in our ‘Visiting Istanbul During the Month of the Tulips‘ blog post. We had so many tulips, one could literally see them from the Bosphorus. Now that the month of the tulips and the Tulip Festival are almost over, let’s take a look at how

Why is Istanbul the World’s Best Travel Destination? Come and See for Yourself!

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Istanbul has just been announced the world’s top travel destination, according to TripAdvisor’s 2014 Travelers’ Choice awards. A skyrocketing 11 places up from last year, the city has had this recognition coming for a while now, and here it is. Last year, Istanbul was recognized as the best travel destination in Europe by European Consumers

Visiting Istanbul During the Month of the Tulips

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It’s tulip (lale) time in Istanbul. As every year, the month of April will witness the blossoming of millions of beautiful tulips on both sides of the Bosphorus. This year marks the 9th consecutive International Istanbul Tulip Festival, which began with an official ceremony on April 6th. 20 million tulips from more than 200 species

How to choose the right Bosphorus yachting cruise

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Istanbul’s stunning views Klaus Wagensonner / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND A city of beauty and mystery, the point where the East meets the West, Istanbul has a natural attractive force for travelers and explorers from all over the world. One of its main enticing gems is the Bosphorus, the water canal that separates Europe from

7 Instagram Views To See On a Bosphorus Cruise

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We love Istanbul and needless to say we love the Bosphorus too! Both are deeply cherished by professional photographers and people who just like to take photos. This is why we decided to start a monthly series of posts with some of the best Instagram shots of the Bosphorus, Istanbul and why not Turkey! This

How to Plan a Top-Notch Istanbul Incentive Trip

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Part I: Negotiating with hotels These days it is fairly normal that after about 5 years in a company employees start looking for new opportunities. With employee turnover being so high in the global economy, companies need to find ways to retain their workforce. Incentive travel is one highly valuable business asset that companies can

7 Top Bosphorus Waterside Hotels

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  A stay in Istanbul has a peculiar quality. Slowly and unnoticeably the city’s spirit and charm sneaks into every corner and nook of your mind. And while that can be said of every city, waking up in Istanbul has its own feel, its own ‘signature’. How come? Something in the air, I guess, that

The Bosphorus: A Strait of Many Tales

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Ever since Io, Zeus’s lover, swam across the Bosphorus, there’s been a lot of back and forth going on. As many as 15,000 ferries carry up to 1,5 million people across the Bosphorus on a daily basis. And about 180,000 vehicles pass over the Bosphorus bridges during that same day. Imagine! And last year, Tiger